You may be wondering...

Where did this idea come from?

The Good Gallery was conceived as a way to make good use of the thousands of photos piling up on the hard drives of amateur photographers. There are only so many photos you can give away to friends, but it feels a little funny to start selling them when it's just a hobby. Enter The Good Gallery! A way to donate photos to charity through a simple online platform.

Who gets the money?

This project is currently in "beta" so all the proceeds are going to support just one charity: The James Project.

What's The James Project?

The James Project was founded to benefit the village of Sohagpur in rural Mahdya Pradesh, India. This January, a group of Presidio MBA students will be working with them on a service project. We'll be travelling to Mahdya Pradesh, meeting with other students in the Sustainable Development program at Xavier Institute in Jabalpur, and then visiting the village of Sohagpur. Since we're business students, not engineers or construction pros, we'll be focusing on completing a needs assessment to make sure that The James Project can choose the best high-impact projects in the areas of infrastructure, education, and water access going forward.

You can also donate directly to the project here.

Will you add more charities?

If you like the idea, let us know and we'll expand to more charities soon!